RESORT 23 - Strength & Glamour

The Hofmann Copenhagen Resort 23 collection Strength & Glamour finds its inspiration in the glamorous 1970’s style making it relevant for the women of today. Cher and Bianca Jagger epitomize supreme sense of style and glamour. They both have an ebullient energy that has taken them through the decades making them true icons.

''Clothes should always feel comfortable. We live in a time where we embrace our natural bodies. This collection is more conscious of fit, with more figure hugging styles than I usually do. I want to celebrate the body in all its shapes. There is nothing more beautiful than women who feel comfortable in her own skin. It is important for me to create clothes that empower you’' - Heidi Hofmann

Taking stylistic input from Cher and Bianca Jagger, this collection represents a fun and easy way of dressing with open backs and bare shoulders. The Hofmann Copenhagen Resort 23 collection covers a season of numerous events and parties. The clothes in the collection can easily change from office to evening through the layering of individual pieces.

I imagine a contemporary woman walking down the streets of New York wearing clothing to either going to work, school run or out for dinner and drinks. Seasons and time blur into each other and we live busy lives that necessitate outfits that can seamlessly transition from one scene to the next. We want to look good and feel good at all times. - Heidi Hofmann

Two absolute favourites of this season are the open back knit and the satin blazer. The blazer is beautifully cut and the fabric has a natural weight that makes you feel good when you put it on. It has usable pockets and is lined for comfort. The knit is the perfect style to turn office wear into something you could wear for drinks and dinner. 

''I definitely have a soft spot for all the bright colours of the 1970s. The satin looks radiant and jewellike in bright greens and pinks. The specially developed glitter chiffon comes in an electric blue and in a bright pink. The Angele dress in electric blue is the ultimate showstopper to wear at any party. This is a forever keeper - it will never go out of fashion. The new glitter stretch fabric is made for dresses and tops that are easy yet sensual which can quickly become glamourous for the right occasion'' - Heidi Hofmann


As always Hofmann Copenhagen places an emphasis on the craftmanship and unique details. This collection features a number of embroidered pieces together with tailored styles in jacquard that are central to the Hofmann Copenhagen way of dressing. Resort 23 Strength and Glamour is for strong women of all ages who are not afraid to stand out. In its use of shapes and colours the collection references a rich history of art and fashion but updated for natural and modern women of the present. We want to keep close to our customers and to remain a personal and accessible partner worldwide.