The Hofmann Copenhagen Spring 22 collection “Return to Nature” finds it spirit in the great outdoors from forests to beaches, flowers and plants that surround us. Taking care of our environment is our most important task.

"I live close to the sea and the woods. Nothing brings more energy than spending time there"
- Heidi Hofmann

The collection “Return to Nature” looks at nature through the lens of fashion history. It works with the flower motif as seen in 18th century chintz, to small floral embroideries one might find on a heirloom piece of clothing on towards more bolder interpretations inspired by the style of the 1930s and 1970s. Some of the most treasured looks of the collection use a hand-cut heavy lace with appliqued flowers in contrasting colours.

I always want to find ways of creating depth and detail in my prints and embroideries. It makes the fabric look much more interesting and dynamic. Nature has many facets and I wanted to work with flowers from the early buds into full bloom. The colours of the collection are bright and clear: Green as the grass, a pale dandelion yellow, and pink and coral rose. The blue has same colour as the sky.

I love to work and experiment with fabrics and techniques - developing and pushing the workmanship when creating a collection. Most of all the clothes need to feel considered and worked through with all the little details that make Hofmann Copenhagen. - Heidi Hofmann


A particular focus is on the fit, as we believe this is one of deciding factors if you’re a particular piece of clothing or not. Our silhouettes are all easy to wear but still elegant and feminine. We want to make clothing that is active part of your wardrobe going from winter into spring towards summer. This collection employs elaborate smock embroidery to create texture and elasticity in the organic cotton. Hofmann Copenhagen aims to be a brand full of styles to keep in your closet and to treasure for many years. We want to keep close to our customers and to remain a personal and accessible partner to our customers worldwide.


With this collection Hofmann Copenhagen continues its journey towards a more sustainable future. Our goal is to create long lasting design with high complexity that keeps you interested in our clothes.