The Hofmann Copenhagen Resort 22 collection “The Dreamers” is inspired by celebrated British artist David Hockney paired with a solid dose of 1970s glamour and style.

   “After visiting Hockney’s exhibition “The Arrival of Spring" in London earlier this year I became very caught up in the idea of nature and the endless inspiration it can provide.
I felt a certain ache in Hockney’s work like the change in different seasons and emotions it creates.”
"I live close to the sea and the woods. Nothing brings more energy than spending time there"
- Heidi Hofmann

“The Dreamers” is a collection that is true to season. There are strap dresses made for dancing in the light summer nights. The collection celebrates life with all its special occasions. At the same time the pieces will transform effortlessly into fall so you get the most of your wardrobe. Dresses can be paired and layered with shirts and blouses so they can last into the colder seasons.

“In the world we live in, it is important to have things to long towards. With ‘The Dreamers’” I wanted to create a joyful collection with lots of pieces to look forward to wearing whether it is that special summer party or your friend’s upcoming wedding. The 1970’s is an ongoing inspiration of mine and I love the idea of combining the glamorous and bohemian look of that period with the strong inspiration from nature as painted by Hockney. In the end we are all a little bit of everything. We all contain so many facets which I want to portray into this collection.”


The colours of the collection are inspired by the bright palette of David Hockney from blue, rose, and light green. The burnt orange has been a central colour in both prints, embroideries and our lace fabric.

As always attention is paid to unique prints and special details like the hand stitched flower trimmings on a dress. Several pieces are made in a light and playful fabric with a fuzzy feel. The black print with bold flower motifs is also interpreted into a specially developed embroidery this season. All inspired by the nature and its colours.

“The patchwork heart print is very dear to me. My team and I have put many hours and love into this print. The hearts are all made from previous prints within the Hofmann collection. The idea came from the lined interior of a vintage wooden jewellery box brought home from New York many years ago. The box has a cute hand painted dog on the outside and I wanted to pass the box to my daughter. When opening the box, I discovered these cute little printed hearts. Such a wonderful hidden detail. I find this very significant for the Hofmann Copenhagen collections as well. While you might not see all the little details and workmanship at first glance, they are there for you to discover."


"My wish for this collection is to create clothing that keeps on staying relevant and exciting. I’m interested in creating designs that frame women’s individuality and that bring out the best in them.”

With a clear and innovative identity surrounding our new collection, Hofmann Copenhagen is taking another significant step by positioning itself as a leading Scandinavian label featuring novel ideas of femininity and artistic references. Our new resort 22 collection is bold and sophisticated.