'The Voyage'

The Voyage is the first Hofmann Copenhagen collection with 70% of the fabrics being sustainable. We have used fabric created from old plastic bottles, fabric derived from certified wood sources and we have up-cycled fabrics that were already produced by other brands. Further to this and most importantly, we have created 30% less styles which has not only created a stronger collection but also drastically reduced waste.

Design Moodboard

The Voyage is inspired by designer Heidi Hofmann’s journey towards a more focused and more sustainable version of Hofmann Copenhagen. Our key values are expressed by a small and focused SS21 collection. It has our signature looks: Brightly coloured prints and dresses in feminine silhouettes with vintage inspired details. As always we have kept full attention on great workmanship and the best fit for various body types.

“I wanted to create a collection with my favourite silhouettes that I keep on coming back to every year when I open my Summer wardrobe. Easy and wearable clothes. I love my vintage pieces and I really wanted to bring their level of detail into this collection using modern, sustainable fabrics. At Hofmann Copenhagen we create clothes that you want to keep on wearing season after season.”
- Heidi Hofmann