Hofmann Copenhagen continues its journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future. We have reintroduced patchwork technique as a key to no waste production. This preAW21 collection is titled Autumn Garden and has its focus on finding the perfect dress for the various events and Holidays of the season. The entire collection is designed to be able to blend beautifully into our Aw21 collection. 


Autumn Garden is inspired by Heidi Hofmann's love for her garden. The late bloom of the automnal garden is reflected in colours and textures. Roses in light pink, apricot orange and even a deep red rose inspired our Beau Pavot print. The texture of bark on trees is reflected in our own light rose fabric used for dresses and shirts..

Did you know that Hofmann Copenhagen just won the danish award "Guldknap" this year? The prestigious Guldknap is an award paying tribute to a Danish fashion brand that has excelled remarkably in the past year. Heidi Hofmann received the award because of her ability to create unique, colorful and feminine designs which stand out from the crowd. "For me, the brand is the epitome of the kind of fashion that ALT Magazine stands for: Cool, sophisticated and still at eye level” says Rikke Dal Støttrup, chief director at ALT Magazine, about this year's winner.

The collection is characterized by our own uniquely developed fabrics - weaved fabrics in darker tones and black cotton. Hofmann Copenhagen designs all our prints In house. The process of selecting the fabric and the colours of the collection is highly valued by designer and owner Heidi Hofmann. “One of my absolute favourite things to do is to create the colours of my prints. I can go on for hours making different colour combinations before I stop and choose the one which is just right for each collection”.